About us

about us

Hello friends.

                       First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is jeevan Brar. I have completed my graduation from punjab university  in science field.

I have a lot of love writing articles from the beginning. I started blogging to keep this hobby going forward with the help of other team members. 

Our main objective is to make the common man aware of how we can change the environment and our community with our small efforts.

Here, we will discuss social issues in our blog. such as Crime, poverty, global warming, climate change, women related issues, corruption, Terrorism, over population , pollution , health related problems ans many more... 

Actually, All these problems are interrelated with each other. For example, overpopulation is a major cause of poverty especially in developing countries.

In fact, all these issues are very common and everyone is well aware of them. But the ones that look simple are not really there, if we have not yet taken serious, then there can be a huge problem in the coming time.

There is no doubt that many organizations such as united nations, WHO (World Health Organization), and many others work day and night to solve these problems.

But we must also give our contribution. Our entire world population is 7,714,576,923. If everybody does something, then we can bring a great deal of revolution.

The Social Issuz is a new online platform that will explore some of the biggest challenges facing our world today and prepare possible ways to tackle them head-on. Our goal is to research what led to these social problems, what effects they have on our lives and societies, and what possible solutions exist for solving them.

The aim of social issuz is to make the environment clean, making society as such, any women feel safe at all places, reducing poverty and many more.. 

This purpose will be fulfilled only if every person understands his responsibility.

We will tell tips in our blog that every person can easily follow and get above from these  social issues.
we are try to provide quality content for our readers. 

Thank You !!!

About Us 

Name - Jeevan Brar

state - Punjab , India 

pin code - 152026 

Email- socialissuz1@gmail.com


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