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How to Save Water at home In daily life (2021) ?


After air, Water is the most crucial element in protecting life.

We all know, Water is a limited commodity, if not adequately  managed water, will water become scarce in the future. 

ways to save water in daily life
ways to save water in daily life

We use water for many purposes every day; Such as washing dishes, clothes, Sewerage disposal, etc., which is mandatory. As such, regular water wastage is a common thing that directs it to the end.

Though Earth consists of 71 per cent  of water, only 1% of which is fit for drinking. Thus, it becomes necessary to save water .

  Here, we provide you the most basic and practical tips to save water at home in daily life.

Following are the simple Water Conservation methods to save water in daily life:-

  • How to Save Water In Bathroom 
  •  How to Save Water In Kitchen 
  • How to Save Water In outdoors

Now, we will discuss each step in detail to save water. 

 How to Save Water In Bathroom?

1). Turn off the water tap while brushing your teeth and shaving -

An average tap throws approximately 10 litres of water every minute. So, Don’t run the water tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. Before brushing, wet your toothbrush and fill a glass for rinsing your mouth.

2).   Turn off the water tap while washing your hands- 

Do not leave the tap running while you’re scrubbing your hands. Firstly,  wet your hands and turn off the tap. Turn on the tap when you need to rinse your hand. 

3).  Take a bath with tub instead of the shower- 

A partially filled tub uses less water than a shower. So, use a tub to take a bath to save water.

4). Use dual-flush toilet-

You can quickly reduce your daily water usage by installing a dual-flush toilet. This toilet allows you to use less water to flush liquid waste and more water to flush solid waste simply by pressing the correct button. Surveys show that Dual flush toilets use up to 67 per cent less water than conventional toilets. 

Install duel flush to save water
Install duel flush to save water

5). Fix Leaks of taps and showers-

It is estimated that unknown leaks in your  taps, pipes, and toilets  can waste up to 3,000 gallons (11,000 L) of water a year. By  fixing these leaks, you can save a lot of water.

How to Save Water In Kitchen 

1). Clean vegetables and fruits in a pan - 

When you need to clean fruits and vegetables with water, fill a pan of water to wash them instead of letting the tap run. By doing this, we can save a lot of water. You can re-use this water for watering the plants.

2). Reuse the RO waste water-

Store the waste water of RO in some tank or bucket and re-use for other household works like washing utensils, floor mopping, washing your car, watering your plants, etc.

3). Use the automatic dishwasher for full loads only-

Always remember to load your dishwasher to its total capacity. This will avoid multiple running cycles of the dishwasher. By doing this, you can save a lot of water.


4). Fill up your sink with water to rinse the dishes.

 Don’t leave the water running for rinsing when you are washing dishes by hand. Fill up your sink with water or a bucket for rinsing the dishes. It will help to minimize water wastage. 

How to Save Water In outdoors?

1). Use a broom to clean Verandah or Backyard instead of pipe-

If you are cleaning your backyard, use a broom to remove dry matter. If the area still needs additional cleaning, use a bucket of water. Using a water pipe wastes hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water.

2). Use a rainwater tank to store rainwater- 

A rainwater tank is one of the best ways to save water. You can use collected water from the rain in many household works. 

3). Store overflow water -

Collect overflow water at someplace to reuse for other purposes. otherwise, directly 

connect it to your garden for watering the plants. 

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4). Use a Bucket to Wash your Car-

No doubt, using a bucket may require a little more effort. But, it will definitely reduce the wastage of water. Moreover, leaving the traditional methods behind, you can opt for waterless car washing systems available in the market if you can afford the charges. 

use a bucket to wash car
use a bucket to wash car

Conclusion - 

“Let’s all do our share to conserve the water with care.” #SAVEWATERSAVELIFE

save water for future generation
save water for future generation

Let’s join hand with us and take a pledge to save the water for future generations. Be more responsible and act now to save our planet and lives before it’s too late.

Share these effective tips to save water with your friends and start a campaign to make them aware of how they can contribute to Save Water with little efforts. 

Thanks for reading....