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Water Pollution Essay Every Student Should Know About It

Water pollution results when pollutants are introduced into the water bodies such as lakes, rivers etc The contaminated waste coming out of the industries in the natural water sources is threatening human life.

Water is a precious thing. without water We can not imagine our life. Water is very essential for human beings to live. We use water for drinking, bathing, irrigation and sanitation. We need clean water for these tasks.

Water Pollution Essay for students 3-6
Water Pollution Essay for students 3-6

But these days water has become polluted.  Many types of dirty elements have mixed in water.  Dirt, plastic, rotten-throat substances, disinfectants etc. have reduced the quality of water drastically.

Dirty water contains harmful germs that harm our health and also the entire Ecosystem. So, water pollution is becoming a major problem on the earth.

In this water pollution essay we will discuss the causes and effects of water pollution and how we can prevent it from happening.

We wrote this water pollution essay in easy wording. so that students between the ages of 6-15 can easily understand it.

Every child should know about water pollution because children are the future of our country. Our little efforts bring a huge change.

Introduction: what is water pollution?

 Water pollution results when pollutants are introduced into the water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater. For instance, releasing treated wastewater into natural water bodies can cause degradation of aquatic ecosystems.

Water is an integral basis of human life. As we all know that all human beings and animals depend on water.

The contaminated waste coming out of the industries in the natural water sources is threatening human life. Due to increased industrialization  the problem of water pollution is being assumed day after day. Therefore, there is a need to look into this problem.

Causes of water pollution

Water pollution has many causes, The major cause of water pollution is human itself. We pollute water bodies through various activities such as, agricultural activities, industrial waste etc.In this water pollution essay we will cover major causes that are as-

Sources that cause water pollution can be divided into two categories:

1). Direct Sources
2). Indirect Sources

Direct Sources:-  Those sources are called direct Sources of Water Pollution which directly enter into the water and contaminate it. For instance,disposal of waste, plastic, the urban sewage, industrial waste, and Oil Spills in oceans, etc. 

Plastic, industrial waste and oil spill are direct sources of water pollution
Plastic, industrial waste and oil spill are direct sources of water pollution 

These are a major cause of water Pollution all across the world. Plastic is very dangerous for marine species. 

Indirect Sources:-  Indirect Sources can be chemical dump, fertilizers, pesticides, septic tanks, etc.contaminate the water indirectly. When these harmful chemicals are used on plants in the field,  the rain washes these chemicals and mixes them with soil. 

Pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals are indirect sources of water pollution
Pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals are indirect sources of water pollution 

Through soil, it reaches down to rivers, lakes and other water bodies, and that pollutes water.

Harmful Effects of Water Pollution?

Water pollution has adverse effects on human health and the environment. Drinking especially polluted water has led to many frightening diseases. Many infants end their lives with diseases like diarrhea, cholera. Its root cause is polluted drinking water. 

We should consider our responsibility for this and should be aware of various diseases like diarrhea, malaria, malaria and other diseases that result from impure water. 

There are much more harmful effects of water pollution which are as -

  • Effects of water pollution on human health 

Diseases:- when we drink polluted water. it has many harmful effects on our health. It can cause typhoid, hepatitis, cholera, and various other diseases. 80 percent of the world's diseases are caused by impure water. Many Children had lost their lives in developing countries due to the lack of potable water. 

  • Water pollution affects the food chain

Water pollution is highly affected the food chain. Disruption in food chains happens when toxins, pollutants and plastic  in the water are consumed by marine animals such as fish, shellfish etc. These pollutants get transferred when big animals eat small aquatic animals. Finally, these pollutants enter the human body when we consume fish in our meal. 

  • A Problem Of Eutrophication

 Various chemicals when entered into water bodies like ponds, lakes, rivers etc pollute the water. When these chemicals dissolve with water, it encourages the growth of algae. Further this algae covers the upper surface of the water bodies. Due to increase in the growth of algae causes the level of oxygen decreases in the water that affects the ecosystem of underwater.

  • Water Pollution is a threat for biodiversity.

Our ecosystem requires a balance for a healthy environment to live peacefully. Water pollution is a big environmental problem. It affects the entire balance of our ecosystem.
When the level of pollutants increased in the water bodies due to water pollution. Unfortunately, then the Marine animals like fishes,turtles die.

Solutions : How Can We Control and Prevent Water Pollution?

We can reduce the effects of water pollution by following some preventive measures. which are as follows-

Your most important step should be to save water. Wastage of Water is one of the major environmental issues worldwide. you can start saving water by making small changes in our daily life.
For Instance- Use a bucket while bathing instead of shower.
                        Turn off the taps while brushing your teeth

  • Use less pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. 

You should try to use less pesticides and fertilizers for agricultural purposes to control water pollution. In the end, the chemical emit from these pesticides and fertilizers goes into water bodies causing water pollution.

The waste released from huge factories, industries should be disposed of in a proper way. Improper sewage disposal is also one of them. you should not leave your trash in the open around the beach. 

  • Use Eco-friendly products

You can use Eco-friendly households to minimize water pollution. such as bamboo toothbrushes. Using Eco-friendly products is a very good initiative to control water pollution. 

Long Story in short (Conclusion)

 Our life majorly depends on water. We have a fundamental right to drink potable water. but we all are helpless to drink polluted water because of our own habits. We can control this problem with our little efforts.

You can take initiative to take some helpful steps to reduce water pollution, such as by using less pesticides, using Eco-friendly detergents etc. You can also work in a group at your school to aware more people about water pollution, its causes, effects, and preventive measures.

I hope you like this essay (essay on water pollution) please share it with your friends. so that everyone can help to control water pollution. 

Thank you!!

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