Thursday, March 26, 2020

How to spend time during coronavirus lock down

How to deal with exceptional events such as self-isolation, social distance, and a national lock down. 

Ways to use time wisely during coronavirus lock down
Ways to use time wisely during Coronavirus lock down

In times of crisis, people come together to share experiences, show solidarity and support one another. It is an important factor in avoiding the bad effects that these events for our mental health. The outbreak of the corona virus is different in that the advice to isolate yourself and distance yourself from others is just the opposite of what you as a human being in a crisis can do.

You are lucky enough to have time to spend on social media, the Internet and so on. At this point you do not think that this time will pass in some way.
This is true that time is a very precious thing in our life.
The Need of the hour is that we have to use this crisis time in a positive direction so that we can gain something new within 21 days. Take this time as a golden opportunity because then this time will not come back.

Sometimes we want to learn something new but we say that I have no time. I think this is a precious time to improve your personality.

Here are some tips for you which are helpful for you to improve yourself. 

1).  Learn New Hobbies 

Since childhood we have been surrounded by friends but now is the time to improve ourselves. Take this 21 days as a blessing. Try to learn something new these days that you wanted to learn from childhood but because of busy routine you could not learn that.
such as - learn new language, improve computer skills, fluency in English etc. 

2). Read Books 

Books can  keep all kinds of information, stories, thoughts and feelings unlike anything else in the world. Reading is a timeless form of entertainment and information. 

Time table to listen book summery during lock down
Time table to listen book summary during lock down

If you are not interested to read books.  You can listen book summery from GIGL app. Which helps you to improve yourself. 

Download gigl aap for book summery 

3). Make introvert yourself 

sometimes you see that there is common thing among all famous personalities is that their introvert nature. they love to spend time with themselves. so, give some time to yourself for self realization. set your goals for future.

4). Stay away from Television 

During this period media create panic environment among people by spreading fake news. So, please avoid television and make your time productive. 

5). Start a blog 

 Start write something new. If you want to share your writing content with friends and others. Then you can start your blog without any cost. This is a free platform to start career as a writer. 
You can choose any topic according to your interest. 

Here is some Guidance by india's famous blogger Harsh agarwal

Start a new blog step by step free of cost. 

6).  Spend some time with family

In our busy lives, it is easy to not spend as much time as we should with our family. But this is a golden period to spend time with family. 

  • Help your wife / mother in-house chores. 
  • Play some  games with children. 
  • Do exercise with family. 
  • Discuss plans for future. 

7). Improve skills related to your career 

 If you are a student or preparing for government exams then do not waste this waste just like holidays. This is a opportunity for you to lead others so make a proper time table to fulfill your dreams. 
Try to learn something new by joining online classes. 
Many channels provide best study materials online. 

8. Meditate

To stable your mind meditation is very important. It helps you to self realization. Wake up early in the morning at least before sunrise and enjoy the morning.

9).  Physical fitness

Physical fitness is important as much as mental health fitness. Give at least 20-30 minutes to your body for exercise. Do whatever you want. It includes yoga, warm up, cardio exercise, jumping, running etc.

 10).  Learn dance online

Dance is not only skill for enjoyment but also it is helpful to improve your physical fitness. So try to learn some basic steps by joining online free classes. Many courses are available on you tube. 

Stay at home, stay healthy,  save lives.

War against corona..... 

Thank you !!

Friday, March 20, 2020

world happiness day 2021: History and Index


world happiness index 2021

According to World Happy Happiness  Report-2021 released by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Finland has secured first place for the forth  time. And Afghanistan is the least happy country.

History of World Happiness Report

In order to list the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan had made a proposal in the UN in 2011.
Since its approval, 'World Happiness  Day' is celebrated every year on 20th March. For the first time, the United Nations General Assembly had declared the World Happy Day on March 20 in 2012.

world happiness report 202
World Happiness Report 2020

The nineth annual World Happiness Report 2021 of the United Nations, which ranks 149 countries of the world on the basis that how well their citizens feel about themselves. It has also been noted that negative feelings including anxiety, sadness and anger have increased.

First of all, we have to know that on which basis this happiness report is given?

6 standards for measuring prosperity.

  •  GDP per Capita of the country,
  •  Social assistance,
  •  Generosity ,
  •  Corruption,
  • Social Freedom,
  •  Healthy Life

TOP 10 Happiest country  2021           

1. Finland
2. Iceland
3. Denmark
4.. Switzerland
5. Netherlands
6. Norway
7. Sweden
8. Luxembourg 
9. New Zealand
10. Austria

 Least 10 happy country 2021

   1. Afghanistan
2. Zimbabwe
3. Rwanda
4. Botswana
5. Lesotho
6. Malawi
7. Haiti
8. Tanzania 
9. Yemen
10. Burundi


According to the World's Happiness Report- 2021, released by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Finland has secured first place for the forth time. 
If we talk about developed country America, then America has been rich in the past years, but there has also been a decline in prosperity. This time it is ranked 17th in the Happy Reports. America is constantly slipping down the list. In 2017, America was ranked 14th.

 The US has not been able to come up with a list of top-10 list of the happiest countries till date. But Britain has definitely improved its rank. One place ahead of 17th place has leaped to 18th position.

The level of prosperity falling in superpower countries.↓↓

According to the world happiness report 2021, the level of prosperity is continuously falling in superpower countries like Germany, Russia, Japan and China.

In the United Nation's World Happiness report this year, India remained at number 139, which is down seven places from last two  year. India was ranked 133rd in this matter in 2018, while it was 139th place this year. The  neighboring country  Pakistan, is ranked 105th in this list.

 The purpose of the report is to show the mirror to rulers of different countries whether their policies are playing a role in making people's life happy.

As far as India is concerned, for the past some time the global economy has accelerated the pace of the Indian economy.but  Many international financial organizations have bailed us in this matter.

Interesting facts about Finland

1. First of all, Finland is famous for its "Land of Thousands of Lakes" 187,888 lakhs

Finland's beautiful city Helsinki
Finland's beautiful city Helsinki 

2. Fine financing in Finland is calculated on the total income of the offender. This means that millionaires can face up to 100 000 fines when driving at a faster pace than the speed limit.

3. The people of Finland drink a lot of milk. In fact, they have the world's largest annual consumption of milk per person! Good food is also a great reason for their well being.

4. You will be surprised to know that people of Finland provide free education to students, even at university level. It also applies to international students from EU / EES.

Citizens of non-EU citizens can also enjoy free tuition fees, if taken classes are taught in Finnish or Swedish, or doctorate study in any language.

5. After Germany, Singapore and Japan, Finland is the fourth best passport country in the world.
This means that they can travel to most countries of the world without a visa.

6. First of all women were given the right to vote in Finland. (1906). New Zealand and Australia allowed women to vote a few years ago, but in Finland it was that all women are from any social position, they can vote fully, and can stand up for the parliament.
7. During the winter months, the average temperature in Helsinki (capital of the final) is still -5 degrees Celsius.

beauty of Finland during winter
beauty of Finland during winter 

The coldest temperature measured in the country came back to Kittimi in 1999, where the temperature went below -51.5 degrees Celsius (C60.7 ° F).

Thank-you !!