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10 easy ways to live Eco-friendly in 2021

if you are looking for the different simple ways to live Eco-friendly. here are some ways for you to become more Eco-friendly.

Earth Day reminds us of how blessed we are to live on such a wonderful, beautiful planet, and inspire all of us to live an Environmentally friendly lifestyle. it's our responsibility to maintain the beauty of earth by using Eco-friendly products in limited extent. 

Different ways to live Eco-friendly 

Different ways to live Eco-friendly
Different ways to live Eco-friendly

Here are some ideas and Easy Ways that help us to live more Eco-friendly at home. 

1). Turn off electrical appliances 

Energy  maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Leaving your electronics on standby uses unnecessary energy leave - let's hit the switch and you can see drastic improvements, most notably in your energy bills!

 Unplug the appliances you are not using, and you might be surprised at the cost savings on your next monthly energy  bill.

So, from now make habit to turn off all the electrical appliances when they are not working.  and another point is always keep in mind during buying any new electrical appliances is that invest in energy saving products. 

Turn off electrical appliances to live Eco-friendly
Turn off electrical appliances when they are not working 

2). Eat less meat

Being mindful of what you are using is meant to be more Environmentally friendly, and reducing the amount of meat you eat can have a lot of impact. Avoiding red meat - whether it's only two or three days a week - can have a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

3). Recycle more 

Try to ask one question yourself that what are you recycling in daily life ?
Now if you do not have any idea that which thing can be recycled then answer is here, actually Almost anything can be recycled, from batteries, to paper, plastic, even vehicles.

Before throwing anything , just take a minute to think how it can be used again?

Recycle more to become Eco-friendly
Recycle more to become Eco-friendly 

4). Use less plastic

Cut down the use of plastic really helps you to become more Eco-friendly. Every person uses plastic in his daily routine because plastic is easily available at every place but if we do not reduce the use of plastic we have to face its harmful effects on our future. 
Giving up plastic isn’t as difficult as you might think – 
  • bring a reusable carry bag with you when you go shopping.
  • always carry a traveling water bottle with yourself.

use less plastic as much as possible to become Eco-friendly
use less plastic as much as possible to become Eco-friendly  

5). Use Eco-friendly cleaning products

A lot of cleaning products have harmful chemicals in them that aren’t environmentally friendly. In fact, repeated exposure to these cleaning products can affect your health as well as the environment. 
Green cleaning products use more natural and organic methods of cleaning which are far less harmful. Many items you already have around the house, such as baking soda and white vinegar, can be used to tackle most cleaning jobs with ease.

6). Use LED light bulbs

Not only do LED light bulbs last longer than conventional light bulbs, they are far more efficient.No doubt  LED light bulbs may cost more initially, but they will save your money in the long run due to their extreme energy efficiency, and you will no need to replace them frequently.
Apart from this, LED bulbs are available in a range of brightness and designs so that you can select them according to your choice.

Use energy efficient LED lights
Use energy efficient LED lights 

7). Buy local products and Food 

 From clothes to food, always buy these from local markets. it helps to reduce the carbon footprint because of less transportation. Not only that, but you will be supporting the local economy of your country which means that in time you’ll likely have even more local items to choose from.

8).  Make habit of more compost 

If the amount of wastage food in your kitchen is high then you need to keep it in the bin of compost, rather than in the dustbin. Not only will it help to create a natural fertilizer and keep your garden green, it will also reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill - and as it will not be toxic, no methane gas will be produced.

Also Check -   What is waste management, types and its  importance? 

9). Grow your own food

If you are making compost in an effort to be Eco-friendlier, why not use it to make a healthy garden grow? Growing your own vegetables can cut way down on your grocery bill, and it also help you to lead a healthier life.Growing your own vegetables  are not just a good way to save money, it is also a great way to cut down your carbon footprint and be Eco-friendly.

Grow chemical free vegetables at home
Grow chemical free vegetables at home 

10). Plant more trees

Ecological sustainability is very essential when it comes to Eco-friendly living. Without a stable ecosystem, things start to fall apart. Making sure that we are planting more trees to protect the environment and improve air quality.

Plant more trees to make environment clean
Plant more trees to make environment clean 


Q1. What is Eco-friendly living? 
Ans. Eco-friendly lifestyle means living a Environment friendly. that means use of green products which helps to conserve natural resources such as air, water. 

Q2. How can i make my home Eco-friendly? 
  • Avoid the use of dryer if possible. 
  • wash clothes with cold water.
  • Use LED bulbs to save electricity. 
  • Reuse clothes instead of buying new. 
  • Decorate your home with plants. 

Q3. How can i become Environment friendly? 
  •  Invest in Renewable energy resources for electricity to save non renewable resources such as coal. 
  • Carry reusable water bottle instead of single use plastic bottle. 
  • Use recyclable paper for packing. 
  • Keep in mind 3R concept - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 


we shared 10 different and easy methods to become Eco-friendly with all of you . Now it's your responsibility to use them and protect our precious planet and environment. 
if you have any other way please share with us . we will update it. 

Thanks a lot !!!  for your precious Time.

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