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Different Types of Environmental Pollution

When pollutants enter the environment, which cause harmful effects not only for the living organism but also for the environment, it is called environmental pollution.

When pollutants enter the environment, which cause harmful effects not only for the living organism but also for the environment, it is called environmental pollution
These pollutants can be present in any form, such as substances  (liquid, gas, solid) and energy ( heat, light, radiation, noise) in the environment,but excess amount of these substances causes environmental deterioration. In other words, Pollutants are commonly called pollutants because they contaminate and alter the natural environment.

Now we will discuss different type of environmental pollution in detail and try to find out solution to tackle with these problems 

Different types of environmental pollution
Different types of environmental pollution 

Types of Environmental Pollution

1). Air pollution 

Air pollution is one of the major types of environmental pollution that can have a very detrimental effect on humanity and the environment.  With the increase of urbanization and industrialization, the rate of air pollution is increasing day by day.

Air pollution can be caused by both human and natural activities. 
It includes various types of harmful toxins such as NO, SO2, CO2, methane, hydrocarbon, dust etc. 

Toxic chemicals of air pollution
Toxic chemicals of air pollution 

For instance- Emission of harmful substances from industries and factories which cause air pollution is human activity. 

On the hand side massive fire in forest is example of natural activity. 

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Air pollution causes many health problems such as,  lung cancer, asthma, heart attack etc. 

Here are some statistics about air pollution - 

Air Pollution causes over 2 million deaths due to heart disease every year. its a major Environmental risk to health. 

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2). Water pollution 

Water is considered to be the second most polluted environmental source after air pollution.

Water is our basic need of our life.We can't even think our lives without water, but on the other hand side it's also a matter of concern if we drink polluted water it mean we welcome the health hazardous problems. unfortunately waterways such as rivers, oceans, lakes, underground water, are being polluted day by day at an alarming rate. Water gets polluted when harmful chemicals, industrial residues, fertilizers, etc. are entered in it. 

industrial waste  drainage into rivers
industrial waste  drainage into rivers 

The increased  use of non- biodegradable materials and especially the use of plastics causes  water pollution Plastic materials such as carry bags, plastic straws, bottles, etc. are chocking our drains and harmed marine and aquatic life.

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Various initiatives are being taken by different countries  to tackle water pollution around the world.
I think so it is responsibility of every person who is really concerned for our planet. 

3).  Land pollution 

When the quality of the earth's surface decreases, it is called earth pollution. 
Many times, this happens directly and indirectly due to human activity and abuse of ground resources.
 Human activity mainly causes soil pollution.  
Land pollution occurs when litter and garbage are not properly disposed of, thus introducing toxic substances and chemicals to the land.
The main causes of land pollution include rapid construction, mineral exploitation, acid rain, chemicals used in agriculture and so on.  Land pollution ultimately hinders the health of living organisms.

4). Noise Pollution 

Noise pollution is mostly an unwanted sound that causes severe discomfort to the ears.
Sound pollution is measured in decibels (dB)
When the intensity of the sound exceeds 85 dB, it causes us both mental and physical distress.Sound levels greater than 100 dB can cause permanent hearing loss, and noise of around 90 dB can cause hearing impairment.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the industrial volume limit is 75 dB.

noise pollution is  very harmful for human being
noise pollution is  very harmful for human being 

Noise pollution causes hypertension, blood pressure problems, increased stress levels, anxiety Etc.. There are several causes of noise pollution such as loudspeaker, disco, wedding procession, industrial noise, etc.
We must take the necessary measures to prevent the environment from noise pollution. 
 For instance -
  •  Don't use earplugs at maximum limit because it may damage your hearing power permanent. 
  • stop using loudspeakers late at night, 
  • strictly follow the noise pollution limits, at sensitive noise zones like hospitals and schools etc. 

5). Soil pollution 

Soil pollution occurs when unwanted toxic chemicals are added to the soil.
The pesticides and insecticides used for agriculture make the soil inert by absorbing nutrients.  Deforestation is also one of the major causes of soil pollution.
Soil erosion also contributes to soil pollution, and it is due to excessive grazing, over-farming, or mining activities.  Major causes of soil pollution include agricultural activities, landfills, industrial activities, mining, and acid rain.
Soil pollution is deteriorating the surface of the earth, and hence the environment being contaminated.

6). Light Pollution 

Light pollution is also referred to as  photo pollution or  luminous pollution . 
It is caused by prolonged exposure and excessive use of artificial lights, as a result of brightening the night sky. As a result, it upsets the activities and natural cycle of wildlife and also affects the well-being of humans. Whenever artificial lights are used where they are not intended, this causes a disturbance.
Light pollution is mainly seen in metropolitan and busy cities.

7).  Thermal pollution

The release of too much heat into the environment is called thermal pollution. The main causes of thermal pollution are industries or factories and vehicles. Excessive heat released from factories and vehicles can cause unwanted changes in nature.

Thermal environmental pollution
Thermal environmental pollution 

 Thermal pollution is also polluting water resources on the surface of the earth. Usually, this happens when factories and industries perform activities that suddenly reduce or increase temperature of water bodies, which may include seas or oceans, lakes, rivers. In short, thermal pollution is a major  cause of water pollution. Thermal pollution is increasing the temperature of the earth day by  day and is ultimately causing climate change, global warming, the destruction of wildlife.

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8). Industrial Pollution

Industrial  pollution is also one of the leading environmental pollution.
When industrial waste, chemicals, toxic substances, pollutants, etc. are releasing into the atmosphere through air, water and land, it causes industrial pollution.

Industrial  pollution
Industrial  pollution

 Air is polluted by industrial fumes, and  water is polluted by the drainage of contaminated water (that is wastage of factories), and waste from the industries is dumped into the landfills, which pollutes the environment. 
This Type of pollution can cause imbalances in the ecosystem, impede the health of plants, animals and humans, and disturb the environment of water resources also. 

Thank you for reading if you have any suggestions please give in comment box. 

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