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How climate change is increased the risk of flooding ?

Climate change is having a direct impact on globe. Because there is a change in temperature, rainfall, humidity etc.

In areas where there was havoc of drought till a few weeks ago, there is now a havoc of floods. Then, we were looking at drought in the context of climate change. Now the flood is in terrible havoc, now we are watching the flood from the point of view of climate change. Due to floods on the land, there are policies made by humans, which is called "Man Made Crisis". Unfair use of natural resources increases the causes of climate change.

Presently, the rapid erosion of the natural resources of our biosphere has led to serious changes in the global climate here, which have serious effects on the human and other animal species.  Due to not being able to adapt this climate changes, dinosaurs and other organisms have not been able to save their existence.  Climate change is due to natural, mechanical and anthropological processes like greenhouse gases for example carbon dioxide, methane etc., is called climate change.  These gases accumulate in the atmosphere and raise the temperature and this changes the climate.

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Climate change, global temperature rise, rise in sea level, change in crop cycle, etc. Apart from this climate changes are not only for our children but also for our children and their children's children, there are great calamities for landslides, tsunamis, epidemics, migration and health.

This year there has been a lot of disaster in many states of the country. These states look like a disaster area because floods have sank many villages. Roads have been broken, crops have been damaged, rail services have been shut down, airports have been closed and the economy has collapsed.

Floods have killed more than 370 people so far, leaving more than 1 million homeless. 

The devastation of the flood is called the will of God, but the harm it causes is certainly man made and the fault of the human being. It's called the "Man Made Disaster."

Climate change Causes Cloudburst

If we look closely at the problem of the last few years in India, the effect of climate change is visible directly. Like the city of Leh was devastated by a cloudburst in August 2010. in September 2014, Jammu and Kashmir suffered the worst of 60 years of severe floods, affecting six lakh people and killing more than 200 people.

Recently, in August 2019,due to cloudburst in Uttrakhand and heavy rain in northern states death toll reaches to 37. 

Floods in Punjab, India
Floods in Punjab, India 

It is no secret that India is an agricultural country. And Most of India's agriculture is dependent on the monsoon.Two-thirds of the country's population is dependent on agriculture and it is certain that to provide the availability of food grains, to everyone has negative impact it will affect the entire human race.  

Impact of climate change in India:- 

Climate change has a negative impact on humans.  After the 19th century, the overall temperature of the Indian land has increased from 0.5° to 1°.  This increase in temperature may seem only minor on a large scale, but it may later take the basis of the great disaster. 

Farming / Agriculture:- Due to increasing population, demand for food is increasing day by day. Which is increasing pressure on natural resources. 

Agriculture Rich India
Agriculture Rich India 

 Climate change is having a direct impact on Indian agriculture.  Because there is a change in temperature, rainfall, humidity etc., which is affecting the capacity of the soil and it is causing virus-causing organisms and diseases, which is slowly eroding the fertility of the soil.

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 The cycle of rainfall is affected when the weather is warm.  Due to this there is an increased risk of floods or drought, recently there has been severe floods in Maharashtra, karnataka, Assam, Kerala, Himachal pradesh,punjab etc.. Clouds are bursting in northern India. Which is clearly the effect of climate change.

Increase in sea level:- Another major factor of climate change is the rise in sea level.  With the warming of the sea, melting of ice, it is estimated that the water level of the inter seas will increase by 1/2 meter in the coming century.  Many ill effects will emerge from this.  Such as wastage of coastal areas, floods, soil erosion, rise of salt water, etc., the coastal life of southern part of India will be disturbed and farming, drinking water, fisheries and human settlement will be destroyed here.

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   The government must take the necessary steps to deal with the rising floods and develop a better flood alert system. Climate change should be taken into account, maximizing trees, not tampering with rivers.

The forest area should be expanded as the forest absorbs more water.

We all need to think seriously about this issue as the situation is getting complicated due to climate change, in places where there was not much rainfall before, now there are floods and some areas are facing drought.

After the floods a question arises: Is human being responsible for these conditions or the nature ????

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  1. the change in weather is totally because of human being. man doing all things against. nature such as deforestation, over use of air conditions, these all are responsible for greenhouse gases emission which causes climate change. we have to come forward to combat with this serious problem.


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