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How Amazon rainforest fire (an environmental catastrophe) causes climate change ?

The forest of Amazon, which is known worldwide as the Heart of Oxygen produces more than 20% oxygen to our ecosystem.

After the fire in the forests of Amazon, the issue of climate change and environmental protection has once again come to dominate the whole world.

The forest of Amazon, which is known worldwide as the Heart of Oxygen, is now in the grip of pollution itself.

Due to The lack of media coverage over Amazon fire many people still are unaware about the massive fire in Amazon Rain forest. You will be surprised to know that this year more than 72000 fire incidents have come to light in this forest.

 it is very important to know about it from the perspective of environment. 

Record Breaking fire in Brazil's Amazon Forest
Record Breaking fire in Brazil's Amazon Forest 

Because Approximately 20 percent of the world's oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rain forest. That is why it is called as the "lungs of the planet".

If you do not know about world's largest ecosystem no need to worry. here we will discuss in detail about Amazon forest. 

Let's start ............


  •      What is the Amazon rain forest?
  •      Where is amazon rain forest located?
  •      Total Area of amazon forest 
  •      How much oxygen does the Amazon produce?
  •      Why is the Amazon rain forest so important?
  •      What is problem in Amazon Rain Forest Nowadays?
  •      Causes of Massive Amazon Forest Fire
  •      What is the connection of Amazon Fire with climate change?
  •      Final Thought 


1. What is the Amazon rain forest?

Arial view of Amazon Rainforest
Arial view of Amazon Rainforest 

The Amazon rain forest is the world’s largest tropical rain forest (approximately 2 times greater than all over world's all forests), famous for it's massive biodiversity of animals, plants, rivers and insects etc. It is Intercrossed by thousands of rivers, including world's largest river "The Amazon River" (by quantity of water) and in it is world's second largest river after Nile river. 

2. where is amazon rain forest located? 

Amazon Rain Forest is Located in South America continent.  

Green shade shows that Amazon forest is located in nine countries
Green shade shows that Amazon forest is located in nine countries

percentage wise located in following countries

1. Brazil - Majority of the forest is in Brazil i.e 60%.
2. Peru -  13%
3. Colombia - 10%

Other minor amounts in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

3. Total Area of amazon forest. 

Total Area of this forest is  5,500,000 square km (2,100,000 sq mi) area of dense tropical forest, this is the largest rain forest in the world. that mean If Amazon  were a country, it would be the ninth largest country in the world. The rain forest is so big that it comprises more than half of the world’s remaining rain forests even thought it covers only 6 percent of the earth’s surface.

4. How much oxygen does the Amazon produce?

Nearly  20% of the world;s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rain forest. because More than half of the world's estimated 10 million species of plants(39000 crores) , animals(17000 species) and insects live in the tropical rain forests. One-fifth of the world's fresh water is in Amazon Basin. and we know that Tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton produce maximum amount of oxygen in earth's atmosphere. 

5. Why is the Amazon rain forest so important?

Amazon Rain forests is often called "the lungs of the planet" for their role in absorbing CO2 (2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide),  greenhouse gas (that contributes to global warming), and producing oxygen(20%), upon which all living organs depend for survival. 

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it helps to control the earth's climate change and slow global warming by fixing carbon dioxide over emission and also  helps maintain the water cycle by producing large quantities of rainfall (between 1,500 mm and 3,000 mm) every year.

6. So Question is that, what is the problem here?

 There is a fire in the Amazon rain forest.  It is a matter of concern that this fire is spreading very fast.  And has been continuously engaged for the last three weeks.  By the way, there is a fire in the forests not only by natural reasons.  Sometimes due to the negligence and deliberate actions of humans.

This fire of Amazon is said to be mixed.  Meaning, some part of this fierce fire is due to natural reasons.  The rest is mostly due to humans.  According to reports, this time, there were more than 72,000 different fires in Brazil.
The National Institute for Space Research says its satellite data shows an average 85 percent increase on the same period in 2018.

7. Causes of Massive Amazon Forest Fire

 Fire incidents are common in Brazilian forests in the dry season between July and October.  There is a fire here due to natural reasons. But Experts claim that the incidence of fire is increasing due to deforestation in Brazil.  A few days ago some cities were covered by black deep smoke, which caused the problem of tremendous air pollution and everything became foggy.  Environmental activists blame Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for the current situation.  He says that Brazilian presidents appease people in timber smugglers and illegal mining, adding to the plight of the forests.

 Country wise fire incidents:-

 Brazil-- 75,000

 Venezuela 26,500

 Bolivia- 17,200

 Colombia -14,200

 Peru- 5,680

 Guyana- 890

 Ecuador- 290

 French Guiana- 11

8. What is the connection of Amazon Fire with climate change?

 Greenpeace said forest's fire and climate change operate in a vicious circle. As the number of fires increase, greenhouse gas emissions do too. This makes the planet's overall temperature rise, the organization said. As the temperature increases, extreme weather events like major Flooding and droughts happen more often. 

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"In addition to increasing emissions, deforestation contributes directly to a change in rainfall patterns in the affected region, extending the length of the dry season, further affecting forests, biodiversity, agriculture and human health," Greenpeace said in the release. 

Final Thoughts 

Natural resources present on the earth are getting depleted day by day.  This is a danger bell for the future.  If strict steps are not taken to save  these natural resources, otherwise in the coming few years, the results will be terrible.

it's very sad that At a time when the world needs billions more trees to absorb the carbon  that we continue to emit on a daily basis, but our planet is losing its biggest rain forest.

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