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Best ways to reduce plastic pollution in 2021

here are some ways to reduce plastic pollution. it has become a serious problem nowadays. it is a blight in our cities and landscapes and harming our oceans.

Plastic pollution has become a serious problem nowadays. it is a blight in our society that harming our oceans, land and environment. 

In all over world, about 300 million tonnes of plastics produces every year. Out of which 8.8 million tonnes of these plastic dumped into the oceans. Almost this is a Single use Plastic trash. That’s about 40 billion plastic bottles, 100 billion single-use plastic bags.

  • The Citarum River, Located in Indonesia is the most polluted river in the world. 
  • Whereas, three indian Rivers,  the Ganga, the Indus and the almighty Brahmaputra  carry 90% of plastic wastes. 

Plastic garbage on the banks of rivers and oceans
Plastic garbage on the banks of rivers and oceans

plastic pollution is not just an environmental Issue but also a serious threat to our health. Its time to come forward to deal with this mammoth problem without wasting time to blaming each other.

Mostly disposable plastic items are found on the banks of rivers: such as  plastic bags, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, caps, straws, food wrappers and food containers.

According to Environmental Protection Agency, an average single use  plastic bottle takes up to 450 years to break down. Plastic can break down into small pieces (less than 5nm) called microplastics enter into food chain which are very harmful for our Health . 

According to WWF's new report an average person consume 5gm plastic in a week through microplastic which is equivalent to weight of credit card.

 ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution 

As we all know plastic is harmful for health and environment and water bodies too so, the best thing is keep away from plastic waste as much as possible. Here we will discuss some small ways to stop plastic pollution that can have a big impact in future.

1. Avoid plastic Bags or Polythenes

Single use plastic bags contaminate our Rivers, Oceans and landfills. when they get into soil, by passing time plastic bags release toxic Chemicals which decrease fertility rate of land and in oceans  they break down into small pieces called microplastic.

 unfortunate marine animals eat them and often choke and die. 
Recently, New york ban single use plastic bags every country's government should take strict action against plastic bags. 

2. Promote Water Refill Stations at Public Places

The Best way to reduce single use plastic bottle pollution is that aware more people to use less disposable bottles and awake them to again use these bottles by refilling from public water stations. 

refill water stations to reduce single use water bottles
refill water stations to reduce single use water bottles 

Public water refill stations are key to decreasing single use plastic water bottle consumption. but one point keep in mind firstly you have to gain trust of people by providing quality water at refill station. because people don't want to compromise with their health.

 In India, already many communities doing this great job which is a praiseworthy step to reduce single use water bottles trash. 

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) in Southern California, in partnership with other local agencies, has installed nearly 120 water bottle fill stations at schools and popular community facilities.

3. Government should make strict rules to stop plastic pollution

Many single-use plastic items are made of low-value material. And are very dangerous for environment and for human. Many plastic are not easily recycled and dumped into oceans

Govt. action to restrict single use plastic distribution is an effective way to decrease plastic pollution.

on world environment day 2018 with theme "beat plastic  pollution" hosted by India . India's prime minister narindra modi declared that India will ban all single-use plastics by 2022. 

But when we go into market plastic polythenes are used in large quantity without any fear. Action surely matters more than words and so far the words have meant nothing. so, it is must to make strict laws so that people don't use single use plastic. 

4. Follow reduce, reuse, recycle plastic Theory 

First of all, the best way to deal with plastic pollution is that use less plastic as much as possible, but we all know zero plastic use is impossible because it is very cheap and convenient product. 

use triple RRR theory to reduce plastic pollution
use triple RRR theory to reduce plastic pollution 

Reduce your own plastic, Firstly you Recognize that which type of plastic is mostly used in your home by using plastic calculator. then take steps to reduce the use and waste of plastic

  • Reuse - Always bring your own reuseable clothing bag for shopping , say no to single use plastic bag. 
  • Instead of buying single use plastic water bottle, Always carry  reuseable water bottle with you and fill it from public water filler stations.
  • Choose clothing and other personal items made from earth-friendly materials instead of microfibers and other synthetic fibers, because these  synthetic fibers break down into small pieces called microplastic. which pollute our water when enter into rivers and oceans.  

Recycle - Return single use plastic at grocery shops for recycling. you may earn some money buy returing plastic. 

5. Proper Management of Plastic waste 

Only using high amounts of plastic is not a problem, (Nearly, 15000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated by India each day). but also management of plastic waste is another problem for us.

Simple solution is that, If plastic waste production is very low, then it will be easier to manage it. So it is important to keep in mind what kind of plastic is more safe and long lasting when we go for shopping. for that everyone must know about plastic recycling codes.

Firstly separate plastic into bins according to their categories like Biodegradable and non-biodegradable plastic waste.

Also check- What is waste management, types and its importance? 

Biodegradable plastic is plastic that decomposes naturally in the environment by the action of living organisms likely bacteria.

 Biodegradable plastics are made from all-natural plant,corn oil, orange peels, starch, and plants. due to sweetness they can be easily decomposed by bacteria. 
Examples of Biodegradable plastic- PHA Bioplastic which is used for food packing.

Before buying any product check that polythene is biodegradable or not.

Ecogreen  are biodegradable polythen
Ecogreen  are biodegradable polythene

Non-Biodegarable plastic last a long time in the environment without breaking down approximate 400-500 years. due to light weight it floats on the surface of oceans which cause ocean pollution and also marine species. so it is necessary to recycle plastic.

Also check- ways to live Eco-friendly in 2021 . 

Milk jugs, oil bottles are made from stiff  HDPE Plastic which can be easily recycled into flower pots and plastic pipes. 
Single use plastic water bottles are made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) which can be turned into thermal jackets and sleeping bags. 


As all we know plastic pollution is a serious problem for human being, animals as well as for marine species. Burning of plastic in the open air, leads to Air pollution due to the release of toxic chemicals. so, we need to avoid plastic as much as possible. 
Everyone should follow these steps to reduce plastic pollution. 

Thank you !! 

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