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Effects of Climate Change On Future Generation

Droughts, intense rains and floods which have been seen in world for the past few years are due to the climate change.

Scientists researching on climate change believe that there has been a significant increase in the temperature of the earth in the last few years compared to the last 200 years. Its bad consequences are being seen, but the situation in the future will become even more terrible, at that time there will be a serious crisis for all living beings. The main reason for this is that the top layer of the earth has to be rapidly heated. which is called global warming. 

Due to climate change we have lot of changes in different country's weather

Heat Record 

Bahrain hit by the hottest weather for June in more than 100 years (since 1902) . Report says that the average temperature in June was 36.3 degrees Celsius (97.3 Fahrenheit), about 3.9 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit) above the long-term normal for that month. Hottest Day is recorded at 45.3 Celsius.

The average temperature for June in Bahrain was 36.3°C, almost four degrees higher than in the same month last year.
The average temperature for June in Bahrain was 36.3°C, almost four degrees higher than in the same month last year.

Heavy Rain and Storms 

Droughts, intense rains and floods which have been seen in India for the past few days are due to the climate change. For example, water crisis in Chennai , and heavy rain in Mumbai.

Mumbai people stuck in heavy rain
Mumbai people stuck in heavy rain 

Due to climate change, Humans and all animals face new challenges for survival . More frequent and intense drought, storms, heat waves, heavy rain falls, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and warming oceans can directly harm animals and Human beings, destroy the places where they live, and wreak havoc on people’s livelihoods and communities.

Drought In Chennai (India) 

Indian women stand in line and waiting to fill water
Indian women stand in line and waiting to fill water

Due to global warming, the glaciers are melting. Sea level is rising and Due to meeting in the sea drinking water is getting salty day by day In the coming days, the crisis of drinking water will be more serious. The level of ground water will deepen further.

India’s monsoon season usually begins in June, but in 2019, it was delayed for a few weeks. which causing Chennai’s major water sources to dry up. And over the past five years, rainfall has fallen below average. it's all because of climate change.

Effects of Climate Change on Jobs In India 

According to the United Nations Organization for International Labor Organization (ILO), due to global warming, India will see 5.8 percent reduction in working hours by 2030. This is equivalent to the loss of 3.4 million jobs. The biggest impact of this will be on the agriculture and construction sector. Every year, 2 percent of the work hours will be reduced. Recently ILO released a report in this regard.

According to ILO's this Report, the entire planet will become hot and it will have an impact on work. The report says that by 2030, the work hours will be reduced by two to more than two percent per year.

By the end of the century, the global temperature will rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. It will also be affected at the working hours. By 2030, worldwide, the work hours will be reduced. This will be equivalent to 8 crore full time jobs.

The largest impact of climate change on Agriculture in South Asia by 2030 

 This will be a loss of $ 2400 billion (about 16,450 crore) by 2030. If the heat is not stopped, this figure may increase further. At least 2 percent of jobs will be lost  in two-thirds countries of South Asia, According to the report, it will have the most effect in India. In 1995, there was a reduction in 4.3 percent of the work hours and it would decrease by 5.8 percent by 2030. Due to global warming, many country's GDP will be affected. The GDP of Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and India will be reduced by almost 5 percent. Almost 94 million people cultivate the world. This will be a big loss to the farmers.

Unprecedented weather by 2050 

The climate is certainly changing. Tom Crowther, a researcher at ETH Zürich said that By 2050, many U.S. cities will face unprecedented weather. 
To prove their findings the Crowther Lab in Switzerland created a global data map that pairs one city’s future climate conditions with current ones. In which he shows that by 2050, 520 major cities will have weather like they have never seen. 

Britain women refuse to have baby : Birthstrikers 

Climate change is becoming a serious problem for the world. Due to which future generations will face problems like drought, flood and global warming. Because of these issues , the British women decided not to have children, saying that by doing so, they would be able to make the living standard of the next generation a little easier. Whereas the world's increasing population will be the cause of food shortage, there will be other problems associated with it.

Someone will have to move forward in the direction to control Population.
The consequences of working against  nature are global warming, and before its results begin to come, we should start doing work to make our earth lash green, so that, the next generation will Get  clean air, clean water and cultivable soil.
 Do not forget that as the earth becomes hot, changes in the weather will almost certainly end. Man and cattle - Birds will be forced to spend their life in one season instead of seasonal changes like heat and rainfall. More efforts should be made to protect earth from pollution. Under this link,we have to do strong attempts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. because Greenhouse gases emission is a main cause of Global Warming. 


It is important  that human beings avoid living in physical comfort and live a life while establishing relationships with nature. After this, It is possible that  there will be some reduction in the speed of climate change and once again the land will prove to be a boon for the coming generations.

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