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What is waste management, types and its importance ?

Solid waste management is the proper management of the disposal of wastes by its production and recycling. Therefore, solid waste management can be defined as: systematic control, collection, storage, transportation, exhaust separation, processing, treatment, retrieval and disposal of solid waste production.

 What is waste management, types and its importance ? 

The waste management becomes a major problem not only for our country but for the whole world. If we do not pay attention to this time, then in the future we will have to bear the most terrible consequences.

Time to know about waste management
Time to know about waste management 

What is Waste Management ?

Solid waste management is the  proper management of the disposal of wastes by its production and recycling. Therefore, solid waste management can be defined as: systematic control, collection, storage, transportation, exhaust separation, processing, treatment, retrieval and disposal of solid waste production.

Average household waste produced  per week

 Approximately 7.8 billion people live on Earth, and every person in the world produces waste through packaging, paper, glass, plastic envelopes and other waste products, and produce about 40 lac tonnes of waste every day around the world. That means 280 lac tonnes in a week.  If we talk about India, then in our cities  from 200 grams to 600 gm per person waste is produced. There is a 5 percent increase in the amount of this waste every year. The most dangerous of this is the plastic garb, which we use the most.

How much plastic debris  in the ocean?

 So far, it has been accepted that 26900 tonnes of plastics in the oceans are floating on the surface of the water. Because of this, nearly 100,000 species of marine creatures perish in this plastic. According to a survey it is also believed that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic pieces in every ocean square. Day by Day  plastic content is  Increasing in the ocean. Every day 1300 to 15000 thousand pieces are thrown into the sea.

Plastic Bag Pollution 

Apart from this, plastic bags play the biggest role in waste pollution. According to a survey, nearly 100 cows die every day in India due to plastic reasons. According to one company estimates, there is about 50 kg (average) plastic in a stomach of one cow which are  roaming around the city. When we throw garbage out  by packing in  plastic bags.when various animals and cows eat the waste garbage, then they also eat these plastics along with some food items in that garbage. its  consequences are  very terrible.

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How to dispose waste properly?

 Mixed garbage also plays an important role in contaminating the atmosphere. When the garbage is burnt, it attracts the bacteria . which causes the skin diseases, fever, diarrhea and many diseases of respiration. When mixed litter burns, methane and many other Greenhouse gases come out of it which have a major effect on our health, which impacts our environment and also brings many diseases to our body. It is clear from this that if we do not pay attention to this, we should understand that we are the killers of the coming generations.

So let us know how this waste can be disposed properly.

What are Types of waste management?

 Roughly the garbage is divided into three parts and by using three types of dustbin, we can handle the garbage properly.

1. Green color picker for wet garbage
2. Blue color dustbin for dry garbage
3. Red color for domestic hazardous waste

Types of waste management
Types of waste management 

1. In wet garbage, we accept kitchen waste, vegetables, fruit peel, surviving food, tea dump bags, leaf plates, excess flower leaves, etc., and this Use green paint bin to troubleshoot waste. This can be used to re-fertilize.

2. The material that can be reproduced by collecting and recycling such as newspaper trash, cans, box, pens, paper cups, plastic covers, bottles, chips and biscuits, dry leaves, dry pots etc. Has been added to. we can reuse this type of waste by collecting. To resolve this kind of garbage, we must collect them in a blue dustbin.

3. Domestic and hazardous means of sanitary waste such as sanitary napkins, diapers, medicines, bandage, used tissue paper, dirty plastic and paper, earbuds and cotton, leather goods (boots, bags etc.), used clothes, rubbing, bubblegum , Sharp razors and blades, used syringes on needles, injection vials, etc., come in domestic and dangerous garbage. Wrap this garbage in a newspaper and make a red mark on it and use a red dustbin for disposal of such waste.

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why waste management is important?

It is very important to separate the garbage from the roots because the garbage in the house is in very small amounts and the waste can be properly separated. Doing this will make it easier to rebuild the waste.
Just like green garbage can be used for garbage compost and the blue bin garbage can be reused by taking them to factories. But it is our tragedy that 95 percent of the plastic is given for reconstruction and only 5% is recycled.

This is the facility to give the waste in the last red garbage container to the government hospital.

1. Today's circumstances are not hidden from anyone. For the sake of some reason, in today's worst situation, we are equally responsible  as our governments. Governments here also need to strictly enforce the laws that are made. (On world Environment day, 2018 hosted by India , declared that India will ban single plastic use by 2020). Because the court has imposed a complete ban from polythene, but if you go to the markets today, then using polythene is being used without fear. So, we are so guilty that we do not take bags from our homes when buying goods.

2.The second cause is shopkeeper is guilty who does not demand that you have brought a bag to take your luggage?

3. Third, our governments do not have any legal clout on what they all are seeing.


Therefore, in today's times, we need to understand that we can not reform at all, but you can find something to save the environment. If our thinking changes today, then anyone else's thinking can change tomorrow. For this reason, waste management should be done properly, because if we are aware of the waste management now, then it is possible to make clear and clean environment for future generations.

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