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World Health day 2021: Theme, History and facts

This time, Theme of World Health Day 2021 is "Together for a fairer, healthier world".

World Health day Theme 2021

Every year on April 7, World Health Day is celebrated. Its aim is to ensure maximum access to more and more people in the world by providing good health facilities. 

World Health Organization was founded on April 7, 1948. Two years after 1950, Health Day was celebrated every year since 1950. The main purpose of the day is to make people aware about health.

World health day 2019
World Health day 

 What is the theme of world health day 2021? 

Theme of World Health Day 2021 is  "Together for a fairer, healthier world". 

History of World Health Day:

In 1948, on April 7, 193 countries of the world as a partner and affiliate of the United Nations jointly established the foundation of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The WHO's first World Health Assembly was held  on 7th,  April 1948* ,  Two years after 1948, Health Day was celebrated every year since 1950. Its main purpose is to raise the level of health of people around the world. Everyone's health is good and if every person gets sick, he can get good treatment.

 Worldwide prevention of diseases such as polio, anemia, blindness, leprosy, TB, malaria and AIDS can be facilitated and proper treatment of patients, and these societies should be made aware of diseases and taught them to be healthy by creating a healthy environment. Go.

Some Data of India's Health system. 

According to the National Family Health Survey, 3.88 percent of the children under three years of age have not been able to develop according to their age and 46 percent of children are underweight compared to their condition whereas 79.2 percent of children are afflicted with anemia. 

 Anemia in pregnant women increased 50 to 58 percent. It is said that the age increases with better health. According to the India Health Report 2010, public health services are still not completely free and those who are not good are in their condition. There is a considerable lack of trained people in the field of health. The availability of beds in hospitals is also very low. Only 28 percent of the people care for better sanitation.

 Easy ways to be healthy on the occasion of World Health Day.

1. Drink plenty of water to stay healthy.

                            The body works properly by drinking plenty of water. All people should drink at least two liters of water daily during the day. By drinking water, toxins get out of the body and the body remains hydrated.

Drink plenty of water to stay healthy
Drink more water for hydration 

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

                          In order to be healthy, almost five fruits should be consumed throughout the day. Because there is abundant vitamins, minerals and fiber in fruits and vegetables. Fruit snacks are beneficial during breakfast. Apart from this, fruits like watermelon can take fruit as snacks.

Eat more fruits and vegetables
Eat more fruits and vegetables

3. Reduce the amount. of sugar and salt in the diet

                         Much of the use of salt in the diet increases the risk of high blood pressure, as well as the risk of heart related diseases. Apart from this, eating sugar also greatly damages the health. So use less sugar and salt in your diet.

Reduce the amount. of sugar and salt
Reduce the amount. of sugar and salt 

4. Keep weight maintain 

                          The problem of weight gain due to the lifestyle of nowadays is common. Therefore it is very important to control weight for healthy life. Increasing weight increases the risk of fatal diseases such as diabetes, heart attack and cancer. So follow Healthy Diet to stay healthy.

Maintain your weight
Maintain your weight 

Healthy eating is essential to stay healthy. Junk food and smoking intake affect the health of any normal person. Eating such foods causes side effects on different organs of the body. This leads to sickness and a healthy person becomes ill.

What was the theme of world health day 2020? 

Theme of World Health Day 2020 is  "support nurses and midwives".  

What was theme of world health day 2019? 

The theme of world health day 2019 was- Health coverage: Everywhere, Everywhere

Let's Take pledge on world Health day to emerge from the outbreak of COVID-19 :-

1). Frequently clean hands by using alcohol based hand-rub or soap with water.
2). when coughing and sneezing cover your mouth and nose .
3). Avoid close contact with anyone that has fever and cough.
4). maintain social distancing not emotional distancing.

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