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World sparrow day 2021: theme, facts and significance

Theme of WORLD SPARROW DAY 2021 is 'I Love Sparrows'.

World sparrow day 2021

There was a time when sparrows used to be chirping in every home.The house was full with cheerfulness, but now it is not the time.

In modern era, The house sparrow is on the verge of extinction.So, then The idea was to earmark a day for the house sparrow to convey the message of conservation of the house sparrow and other common birds and also mark a day of celebration to appreciate the beauty of the common biodiversity.

World Sparrow Day 2021: History

To appreciate this sparrow was declared as state bird of Delhi in 2012. Every year world sparrow day is celebrated on 20 march .

The initiative was started by Nature Forever Society (NFS) of India, founded by Mohammed Dilawar, an Indian conservationist.

World Sparrow Day 2021: Theme

This year the theme for WORLD SPARROW DAY is 'I Love Sparrows'. The theme has been inspired by the hope that more and more of us will celebrate the relationship between People and Sparrows.

Theme of World sparrow day 2021
Theme of World sparrow day 2021 

Some interesting facts about sparrows 

Scientific Name of house Sparrow: Passer domesticus

Average life expectancy = 4-5 yrs
Flies at the speed of 24 miles per hour
Found in every continent except Antarctica, china and japan.
Length : 21 CM
height : 16 CM
weight : 25-40 GM
Clutch size : 1-8 eggs
Number of broods : 1-4 broods
Egg length: 2.0-2.2 cm
Egg width: 1.4-1.6 cm
Incubation period: 10-14 days
nestling period: 10-14 days

Interesting facts about sparrows
Interesting facts about sparrows

What are the Causes of fast Disappearing of Sparrows?

  • Lack of trees – their natural habitat,
  • Lack of food/water
  • Pollution (in all forms)
  • Change in agricultural practices
  • Electromagnetic radiation released by mobile, internet and TV signals .

How you can help to protect these human friendly birds?

1). Leave a bowl of water and some grains to help them quench their thirst and feed themselves.
2). Hang artificial nests outsides homes to give them a safe place for breeding.

ways to save birds
Leave a water bowl and some grains for birds

Thanks for reading. Be sure to share with us your thoughts on how you are helping to save the birds. 

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