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what are the major problems in India

India 's population of 2019 is 1.37 billion. India is the second most populous country in the world. Which is a major cause for all the problems itself.

what are the major problems in India 

For many centuries, India has been famous for its art, civilization, festivals, customs and rituals. In terms of tourism, India has its own place in the world. despite many natural resources, our country could not be included in the list of developed countries and it remains a developing country. There are many reasons for this that our country's youth is facing many problems today (21st Century). There is no doubt that every person in our country has a talent hiding, but nobody is using it properly. May be its main cause is government.

One by one I will talk about every major  problem that India face today, which affects the life of an ordinary person.

current problems in india

As I said above, the main cause of these problems is the government, but it is also true that many suggestions have been made by the man himself. Such as over population,

1).over population

According to the latest UN data, India 's population of 2019 is 1.37 billion. India is the second most populous country in the world. Which is a major cause for all the problems itself. In India, 25 percent of the population lives with less than $ 2 in income, many fear that the growing population will make poverty worse.

Although rapid growth in the population rate does not necessarily cause poverty, there is a clear connection between high reproduction rates and poverty. Generally, it is more visible in developing countries.

The good news is that in India the rate of pregnancy has decreased, but India's population is still growing at the fastest rate in the world (about 15 million people per year). It is clear that increasing population is an important issue of adverse effects on environment, poverty and health. All the problems are related to each other.

2). Poverty

What Is Poverty? 

Before proceeding, it is important to understand what poverty means for a common man and how it affects the (national and global) economy. Poverty is determined on the basis of per capita (per day and per household income). Poverty comes in many forms and rituals and as a result the world is hungry. 

In fact, "hungry means food availability is not an issue, it is not an issue of access. Many people are not able to have jobs." This means that with unemployment, poverty and hunger all things And can not be a solution when ignoring each other.

Some statistics about poverty 

One-third of the world's poor live in India, and 37% of India's total population live below the international poverty line ($ 1 a day)42% of children below the age of five are underweight and most of the poor people in India live in villages. High quality illiteracy in the poor areas, lack of health are some of the basic problems.

3). Corruption

 Corruption is a very thought-provoking issue in today's time, which affects the country's economy, central and local government agencies. Corruption has severely affected the country. Not only has corruption prevented the country's economy from reaching new heights, but it has slowed down the country's development.
In a recent survey, it has been observed that in the last 10 years 75-80% people have given bribe to complete the work. Nearly 89% people felt that the government should implement maximum laws to prevent bribery Are needed.

4). Discrimination

Discrimination can be very different, which has become a normal thing in our country. discrimination is a worse way to treat a person or a particular group  because of their age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation,disability, race, ethnicity, language,HIV status, geographical location or migrant status, or for any other reason.

5).Women-related issues

Issues related to women such as female sexuality, gender discrimination, dowry deaths, crime against women are still increasing. Even so, the trend of the father is most prevalent in every section of the society.Of course, both men and women have enjoyed equal opportunities, but as far as women's independence and security is concerned, India is behind.
 Issues such as domestic violence, rape cases, women's pictures in the media, etc. should be resolved immediately.This is also one of the reasons why India does not develop.


Pollution and environmental issues still have other challenges which India is currently experiencing. Although India is working hard, but there is a long way to go. Like the pollution, the decline of the land, the reduction of natural resources, and the main issues of biodiversity loss concern. Sewer is the main cause of water pollution. Yamuna River is one of the most polluted rivers of India today.

7).Basic Hygiene

Sanitation is yet another problem, in India. There are about 700 million people who have no access to toilets at home. Slum areas do not have toilets. People are thus forced to defecate in open, which causes numerous diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, dehydration etc.
 Many rural schools also have no toilets, because of which parents do not send their kids, especially girls, to school.

 A growing population is the biggest challenge causing these problems.

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