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What is air pollution and its causes and solution

Pollution is the third major cause of death in India every year.Due to air pollution, 70 lac people die each year, including six Lac children.

Air is essential for survival on earth. We breathe through the air and can say that it is the basis of our life.  The huge reduction in flora and fauna due to pollution has created an imbalance in the environment. Air pollution is developing many serious health problems in the human body. Let us understand the causes of air pollution and ways to reduce it

What is Air Pollution ??

The presence of chemicals in the air causes wind pollution, which can cause dangerous medical conditions in humans. Air pollution occurs whenever any harmful gases, dust, smog or smoke enters into our atmosphere and makes it difficult for humans, animals and Plants to breathe as the air becomes toxic.

Types of  air pollutants:

1). Primary air pollutants 
2). Secondary air pollutants 

1). Primary air pollutants - 

Those air pollutants which are emitted directly from a source. For example-  Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen oxides (NO), Carbon monoxide (CO), Solid Particulate Material etc. 

2). Secondary air pollutants -

These pollutants forms when other pollutants (primary pollutants) react in the atmosphere. For example - Acid rain, which is formed when sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides react with water. Ozone (O3), nutrient enrichment compounds are examples of Secondary air pollutants. 

Causes of Air Pollution 

1. The Burning of Fossil Fuels

Sulfur dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels like petroleum, oil, coal, for energy in power plants, is one the major cause of air pollution. 

Smoke emitted from vehicles like trucks, jeeps, cars, trains, and airplanes give rise to air pollution. Carbon Monoxide formation produced by vehicles due to incomplete combustion is a primary air pollutant. Nitrogen Oxides, which produced from natural as well as man-made processes, is another cause of air pollution.

Inhaling air induced with pollutants due to the burning of fossil fuel reduces heart’s ability to pump enough oxygen causing one to suffer respiratory illness. 

2. Deforestation

All of us humans have indiscriminately cut forests for our own convenience, which has increased air pollution. Apparently, trees continuously work to reduce the pollution of the atmosphere. Plants provide us oxygen gas by consuming harmful gas carbon dioxide from the environment.

3. Growing population

In a country like India, the rate at which population is increasing is one of the biggest indicators of increasing air pollution. The biggest reason behind this is the over use of natural resources. Industrialization has also increased drastically due to increasing population. Harmful gases released from the industry has contaminated the air due to providing employment to the people.

4. Nuclear test

We increased the mutual rivalry so much that the fighting between the countries started, and the arms race began. Because of this, people found a very deadly and polluting weapon like an atomic bomb. Which causes air pollution.

 As we know, Air Pollution today has a big problem for the entire world.
Due to air pollution, 70 lac people die each year, including six Lac children.
Due to air pollution, 70 lac people die each year, including six Lac children. 

A recent report by the World Meteorological Organization said, "State of Global Air 2019" is a warning for the international picture. The report says that because of the leadership not taking a stand on the environment, the Paris treaty's mission is finding it difficult to meet at a stated time.

According to the report, there is a shortage of carbon evacuation, so last year, Earth's temperature has increased steadily. In 2018, the temperature increased by a degree earlier than the industrial time, while the Paris Treaty says that by the end of the century only two degrees should rise.

  • Due to air pollution, 70 lac people die each year, including six Lac children. About 30 million children in the whole world, that is, one in seven children is forced to breathe in poisonous air. 
  • Air Pollution causes over 2 million deaths due to heart disease every year. its a major Environmental risk to health.

Air Pollution causes over 2 million deaths due to heart disease every year.
Air Pollution causes over 2 million deaths due to heart disease every year.

Data from "State of Global Air 2019" 

1. Due to pollution, the age of children born in South Asia has decreased by two and a half years. At the global level, children are expected to be reduced to 20 months of age due to this.
2. People are getting more deaths than pollution in the world due to road accidents, malaria. The situation in China and India is similar in this case. Pollution is the third major cause of death in India every year.

Pollution is the third major cause of death in India every year.
Pollution is the third major cause of death in India every year.

3. In the report South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal) has been considered as the most polluted area. Here every year 1.5 million people are becoming victims of untimely death due to pollution.

every year 1.5 million people are becoming victims of untimely death due to pollution.
 Every year 1.5 million people are becoming victims of untimely death due to pollution.

4. China and India have similar figures of pollution deaths, but the institution says that China has achieved success in reducing pollution.
5. In 2017, half of the world's people - that is, 3.6 billion people affected by home pollution. However, due to economic growth, now the habit of cooking with solid fuel is continuously decreasing.
6.But still 60% in India and 79% in Bangladesh are making food with solid fuel*. Due to this, pollution is increasing within the home. The pollution of the house is also contaminating the external air.

{solid fuel}*
                - Solid Fuel refers to various forms of physical materials that can be burned to mix energy, heat and light can be provided through the combustion process. ... Common examples of solar fuel include timber, charcoal, peat, coal, wood summer, corn, wheat, mustard and other grains.

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According to a report by the world health organisation  with the poisonous air  in the country, about one lakh thousands children below the age of five have died in 2016. This report says that due to pollution, there is an untimely death of two million people in India, which is one-quarter of the international deaths due to this.

  • Over six billion people worldwide are forced to breathe in polluted air. Because of this, their life is in danger, people have to breathe in the air, polluted inside and outside the house. Victims of air pollution are particularly the children and the elderly. Due to cancer, heart and respiratory illness due to airborne air pollution for many years, every hour 800 people worldwide are losing their lives.
  • According to a UN report, due to living in this kind of climate, these children may have serious health problems. Apart from this, the development of their brain can also stop.
  •  12 lac people died in India due to air pollution in 2017. The US Health Effect Institute claimed its report in the State of Global Air 2019. It was reported that in the year 2017, due to diseases like heart attack, lung cancer and diabetes, 50 lac people died in the world. Of these, three million people died due to PM 2.5.
  •  The World Health Organization report says that 73 people are embracing death due to lack of clean water per hour in the country.

Now talking about India,
                                        India has been making big promises by various parties before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, but "State of Global Air 2019" is offering a different perspective. There is no notice of the government's environment in elections, which will result in the general public's sufferings.

        The report of two reputed research institutions of Delhi and Estria says that after 2030, despite the active control of the prevention of pollution in our country, more than 67.4 million people would be difficult to breathe in the highly polluted air by 2030.

 The report says that the problem of pollution is in the whole country, but in the plains of Sindhu - Ganga there is a high percentage of virulence in the air. This includes parts of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal.

 Not only this, the pollution in the states is above level. According to the study of Greenpeace, the 10 most polluted cities in the world, seven are in India,
Clear air and environment is the first step in human life. According to the American Space Agency, 2017 is the third warmest year in 167 years. This report raises many worrying questions.
We must understand that not only does the reduction of vehicles, refrigerators, nothing is happening.

Other measures will be required for him. Earth's natural resources include wind, water, soil, minerals, oil, plants and livestock. 
The nature can be protected only by caring and proper use of these resources, and we can give clean nature to the coming generations, but in the current scenario, the non-guidance towards their safety will appear in the blind race of development.

 Is there. People are coming under the loyalty of this. A report from the United Nations Fertilizer and Agriculture Organization says that 35 percent of the plants planted in our country do not grow.

India has made great plans to fight pollution. In the report praising Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, National Clean Air Program and BS-4, it has been stated that positive results will be seen if these schemes are implemented correctly.


Whenever someone talks about development then the environment can not be malfunctioned. When there is a coordination between development and environmental protection, the country's air will change. By reducing air pollution levels, countries can reduce the burden of disease from stroke , heart disease, lung cancer , chronic and acute respiratory disease.
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