Save water for future generation

Save water for future generation

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all kinds of oppression.”

Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.

Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.
Our planet’s alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action!

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.
Malala Yousafzai

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How to Save Water In daily life ?


After air, water is the most important element in protecting life.

We all know, Water is a limited commodity, if not properly managed water, will water become scarce in the future. 

ways to save water in daily life
ways to save water in daily life

We use water for many purposes every day; Such as, washing dishes, clothes; Sewerage disposal, etc. which is mandatory. As such, regular water wastage is a common thing that directs it to the end.

Though,  Earth consists of 71 percent  of water, there is only 1% of which is fit for drinking. Thus, it becomes necessary to save water .

  Here, we are providing you the most basic and effective tips on how you can save water in your daily life.

Following are the simple Water Conservation methods to save water in daily life:-

  • How to Save Water In Bathroom 
  •  How to Save Water In Kitchen 
  • How to Save Water In outdoors

Now, we will discuss each step in detail to save water. 

 How to Save Water In Bathroom ?

1). Turn off the water tap while brushing your teeth and shaving -

An average tap throws approximately 10 liters of water every minute. So, Don’t running the water tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving . Before brushing, wet your tooth brush and fill a glass for rinsing your mouth.

2).   Turn off the water tap while washing your hands- 

Do not leave the tap running while you’re scrubbing your hands. Firstly,  wet your hands and turn off the tap, turn on the tap when you need to rinse your hand. 

3).  Take bath with tub instead of shower- 

A partially filled tub uses less water than shower. so, use tub to take bath to save water.

4). Use dual-flush toilet-

You can easily reduce your daily water usage by installing a dual-flush toilet. This toilet allows you to use less water to flush liquid waste and more water to flush solid waste simply by pressing the correct button. Surveys show that Dual flush toilets use up to 67 percent less water than conventional toilets. 

Install duel flush to save water
Install duel flush to save water

5). Fix Leaks of taps and showers-

It is estimated that unknown leaks in your  taps, pipes, and toilets  can waste up to 3,000 gallons (11,000 L) of water a year. By  fixing these leaks you can save a lot of water.

How to Save Water In Kitchen 

1). Clean vegetables and fruits in a pan - 

When you need to clean fruits and vegetables with water, fill a pan of water to wash them instead of letting the tap run. By doing this, we can save a lot of water. you can reuse this water for watering the plants.

2). Reuse the RO waste water-

Store the waste water of RO in some tank or bucket and re-use for other household works like washing utensils, floor mopping, washing your car, watering your plants, etc.

3). Use automatic dishwasher for full loads only-

Always remember to load your dishwasher to its full capacity. This will avoid multiple running cycles of the dishwasher. By doing this you can save a lot of water.


4). Fill up your sink with water to rinse the dishes.

 Don’t leave the water running for rinsing when you are washing dishes by hand. Fill up your sink with water or bucket for rinsing the dishes. This will help to minimize the water wastage. 

How to Save Water In outdoors ?

1). Use a broom to clean Verandah or Backyard instead of pipe-

If you are cleaning your backyard, use a broom to remove dry matter. If the area still needs additional cleaning, use a bucket of water. Using a water pipe wastes hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water.

2). Use a rainwater tank to store rainwater- 

A rainwater tank is one of the best ways to save water. You can use collected water from  rain in many household works. 

3). Store overflow water -

Collect overflow water at some place to reuse for other purposes. otherwise, directly 

connect it to your garden for watering the plants. 

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4). Use a Bucket to Wash your Car-

No doubt using a bucket may require a little more effort. but, it will definitely reduce the wastage of water. Moreover, leaving the traditional methods behind, you can opt for waterless car washing systems available in the market if you can afford the charges. 

use a bucket to wash car
use a bucket to wash car

Conclusion - 

“Let’s all do our share to conserve water with care.” #SAVEWATERSAVELIFE

save water for future generation
save water for future generation

Let’s join hand with us and take a pledge to save the water for future generations. Be more responsible and act now to save our planet and lives before it’s too late.

Share these methods to save water with your friends and start a campaign to make them aware of how they can contribute to Save Water by little efforts. 

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Why deforestation In Amazon rainforest Surges during Pandemic ?


As the Coronavirus epidemic draws global attention, there is a significant increase in deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in 2020, which is a matter of great concern.

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest rose sharply in last month April 2020. Destruction in Amazon forest increased 64 percent in April 2020, compared with the same month in 2019, according to preliminary satellite data from space research agency INPE.

Deforestation reaches highest level in a decade in the Brazilian Amazon
Deforestation reaches highest level in a decade in the Brazilian Amazon (source)

According to the INPE data, in the first four months that means from January to April of this year, Amazon deforestation was up 55 percent from a year ago to 1,202 square kilometers (464 square miles). 

How is the coronavirus epidemic responsible for increasing deforestation?

The outbreak of the new coronavirus has led to sophisticated efforts to combat deforestation, with environmental enforcement agency Obama sending fewer agents to farms due to health risks.

The coronavirus epidemic is only complicating things in the Amazon region.
Brazil, which accounts for more than 60 percent of the Amazon, is the epicenter of the epidemic in Latin America, with about 10,000 deaths so far.

Environmentalists say the government is paying less attention to deforestation due to the coronavirus.

New question arises that how Brazil is protecting its world's biggest rain forest?

The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rain forest, and scientists say its preservation is vital to stop global warming because it absorbs vast amount of greenhouse gases.

Destruction of the Amazon surged to an 11-year high last year due to massive fire and continues to surge in 2020, which environmentalists blame on the policies of  President Jair Bolsonaro who has emboldened illegal loggers, ranchers and miners.

Last year, in Bolsonaro's first year in office,  soared 85% in the Amazon rainforest deforestation, to 10,123 square kilometers of forest.

The destruction was increased by massive fire across the Amazon forest from May to October in last year, in addition to illegal logging, mining and farming on protected lands. This trend in 2020 is still matter of concern.

President of Brazil has called for more farming and mining in protected areas of the forest, saying it is the only way to lift the region out of poverty.

Causes of  deforestation in the amazon rainforest

Illegal logging, mining and farming on protected lands is the main cause of amazon forest deforestation.

Illegal logging in amazon rainforest
Illegal logging in amazon rainforest 

Cattle ranching is the another leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

WWF estimates that 27% – more than a quarter – of the Amazon  will be without trees by 2030 if the current rate of amazon rainforest deforestation continues.

Effects of deforestation in amazon rainforest 

Wildlife habitat destruction due to deforestation will cause more deadly pandemics like coronavirus. Because when you cut down trees and remove the forest, you eliminate the natural environment of many species.

Millions of plant and animal species currently face extinction because of habitat loss.

34 million indigenous people live in the jungles of the Amazon and depend on its resources. Deforestation in the Amazon can be a major problem for these people.

Ways to stop deforestation in the Amazon

Deforestation in the Amazon is no longer an issue for individual countries to deal with alone. It requires an integrated policies and concrete actions to deal with this problem. 

Brazil government has to design and implement “zero net deforestation” plans, create awareness of the issues about deforestation, and recognize indigenous peoples and local communities’ rights.

President of Brazil Bolsonaro already authorized the deployment of armed forces to deter illegal loggers and combat deforestation and forest fires in the region. This measure may help in the short term to stop deforestation but is not a lasting solution.


The Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil is the largest tropical run forest in the world. It is also called the planet's lung because its vast forest releases oxygen and stores carbon dioxide (CO2). 

More than 20% of the world's oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforest. Therefore, it is a matter of great concern that Amazon Forest is being destroyed day by day. we should think about this problem deeply. 

Thank you!!! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Water Pollution Essay Every Student Should Know About It

Water is a precious thing. without water We can not imagine our life. Water is very essential for human beings to live. We use water for drinking, bathing, irrigation and sanitation. We need clean water for these tasks.

Water Pollution Essay for students 3-6
Water Pollution Essay for students 3-6

But these days water has become polluted.  Many types of dirty elements have mixed in water.  Dirt, plastic, rotten-throat substances, disinfectants etc. have reduced the quality of water drastically.

Dirty water contains harmful germs that harm our health and also the entire Ecosystem. So, water pollution is becoming a major problem on the earth.

In this water pollution essay we will discuss the causes and effects of water pollution and how we can prevent it from happening.

We wrote this water pollution essay in easy wording. so that students between the ages of 6-15 can easily understand it.

Every child should know about water pollution because children are the future of our country. Our little efforts bring a huge change.

Introduction: what is water pollution?

 Water pollution results when pollutants are introduced into the water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater. For instance, releasing treated wastewater into natural water bodies can cause degradation of aquatic ecosystems.

Water is an integral basis of human life. As we all know that all human beings and animals depend on water.

The contaminated waste coming out of the industries in the natural water sources is threatening human life. Due to increased industrialization  the problem of water pollution is being assumed day after day. Therefore, there is a need to look into this problem.

Causes of water pollution

Water pollution has many causes, The major cause of water pollution is human itself. We pollute water bodies through various activities such as, agricultural activities, industrial waste etc.In this water pollution essay we will cover major causes that are as-

Sources that cause water pollution can be divided into two categories:

1). Direct Sources
2). Indirect Sources

Direct Sources:-  Those sources are called direct Sources of Water Pollution which directly enter into the water and contaminate it. For instance,disposal of waste, plastic, the urban sewage, industrial waste, and Oil Spills in oceans, etc. 

Plastic, industrial waste and oil spill are direct sources of water pollution
Plastic, industrial waste and oil spill are direct sources of water pollution 

These are a major cause of water Pollution all across the world. Plastic is very dangerous for marine species. 

Indirect Sources:-  Indirect Sources can be chemical dump, fertilizers, pesticides, septic tanks, etc.contaminate the water indirectly. When these harmful chemicals are used on plants in the field,  the rain washes these chemicals and mixes them with soil. 

Pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals are indirect sources of water pollution
Pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals are indirect sources of water pollution 

Through soil, it reaches down to rivers, lakes and other water bodies, and that pollutes water.

Harmful Effects of Water Pollution?

Water pollution has adverse effects on human health and the environment. Drinking especially polluted water has led to many frightening diseases. Many infants end their lives with diseases like diarrhea, cholera. Its root cause is polluted drinking water. 

We should consider our responsibility for this and should be aware of various diseases like diarrhea, malaria, malaria and other diseases that result from impure water. 

There are much more harmful effects of water pollution which are as -

  • Effects of water pollution on human health 

Diseases:- when we drink polluted water. it has many harmful effects on our health. It can cause typhoid, hepatitis, cholera, and various other diseases. 80 percent of the world's diseases are caused by impure water. Many Children had lost their lives in developing countries due to the lack of potable water. 

  • Water pollution affects the food chain

Water pollution is highly affected the food chain. Disruption in food chains happens when toxins, pollutants and plastic  in the water are consumed by marine animals such as fish, shellfish etc. These pollutants get transferred when big animals eat small aquatic animals. Finally, these pollutants enter the human body when we consume fish in our meal. 

  • A Problem Of Eutrophication

 Various chemicals when entered into water bodies like ponds, lakes, rivers etc pollute the water. When these chemicals dissolve with water, it encourages the growth of algae. Further this algae covers the upper surface of the water bodies. Due to increase in the growth of algae causes the level of oxygen decreases in the water that affects the ecosystem of underwater.

  • Water Pollution is a threat for biodiversity.

Our ecosystem requires a balance for a healthy environment to live peacefully. Water pollution is a big environmental problem. It affects the entire balance of our ecosystem.
When the level of pollutants increased in the water bodies due to water pollution. Unfortunately, then the Marine animals like fishes,turtles die.

Solutions : How Can We Control and Prevent Water Pollution?

We can reduce the effects of water pollution by following some preventive measures. which are as follows-

Your most important step should be to save water. Wastage of Water is one of the major environmental issues worldwide. you can start saving water by making small changes in our daily life.
For Instance- Use a bucket while bathing instead of shower.
                        Turn off the taps while brushing your teeth

  • Use less pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. 

You should try to use less pesticides and fertilizers for agricultural purposes to control water pollution. In the end, the chemical emit from these pesticides and fertilizers goes into water bodies causing water pollution.

The waste released from huge factories, industries should be disposed of in a proper way. Improper sewage disposal is also one of them. you should not leave your trash in the open around the beach. 

  • Use Eco-friendly products

You can use Eco-friendly households to minimize water pollution. such as bamboo toothbrushes. Using Eco-friendly products is a very good initiative to control water pollution. 

Long Story in short (Conclusion)

 Our life majorly depends on water. We have a fundamental right to drink potable water. but we all are helpless to drink polluted water because of our own habits. We can control this problem with our little efforts.

You can take initiative to take some helpful steps to reduce water pollution, such as by using less pesticides, using Eco-friendly detergents etc. You can also work in a group at your school to aware more people about water pollution, its causes, effects, and preventive measures.

I hope you like this essay (essay on water pollution) please share it with your friends. so that everyone can help to control water pollution. 

Thank you!!